Rules for Radical Patriots


Rules for Radical Patriots

  1. I will, whenever possible, buy American.

  2. I will reduce my consumption.

  3. I will meet my neighbors.

  4. If I am a business owner, I will pay attention to hiring and firing.  I will not fire anyone due to mere public pressure.  If I fire someone, it will be because I want to, and because I disagree with their speech or work performance, not because someone else thinks it’s embarrassing.  I will not hire or support anyone who hates me, or my family, or my values.  I will only hire or support people who want to preserve my community.  I will not delegate hiring decisions if I don’t have to.  I will not be bullied into hiring or supporting someone I am not comfortable with.  I will not be impressed by college degrees.

  5. I will donate my time to causes before I donate money.  I will not write a check and consider my job done.

  6. I will read the Bible to my children and grandchildren.  I will read traditional fairy tales and stories that I loved growing up.  

  7. Today, I will do one concrete task to improve my home.

  8. Today, I will do one concrete task to improve my body. I will learn about what I put in my body.

  9. When I feel uncomfortable, I will speak up.  If a parent is not teaching their children right in public, I will speak up.  If someone litters, or curses, or claims that something wrong is right, I will speak up.  I will only be silent if I legitimately fear for my safety.  I will not be silent and say something is not my problem, or not my business.

  10. I will visit local public meetings and I will speak up.  If my library is having an immoral event, or the local school is proposing something wrong, I will get a few friends and speak up.

  11. I will own a gun, and learn how to use it. 

  12. I will stop paying so much attention to national politics, and will instead focus on the elected officials closest to me.  I will volunteer and donate to candidates who deliver concrete results for my people.  I will not merely vote for the one with an “R” or “D” and who says nice things.

  13. I will take a walk today, and I will say hello to someone.

  14. I will tip well if I can afford to, and if I receive bad service, I will speak up, rather than passively leaving little or no tip with explanation. 

  15. I will call my parents today, or my children, or my siblings.

  16.   When I hear someone espousing hatred for me, or my people, or my country, I will disagree with them publicly, if safe.  I will laugh at them, to let others know they are not alone.

  17.   This week, I will learn something new.

  18.   I will socialize in person at least once a week.  I will find a group at McDonald’s, or the library, or a bar, or at church.

  19. I will make promises to myself and others, and I will keep them.

  20.  I will not shop on Amazon.  

  21.   I will watch half an hour less television this week, and will finish a chapter of a book. I will cancel a subscription service, or limit or cancel my cable.

  22.   I will never believe something merely because “the experts” say it is true.

  23.   I will not donate to any college or university, no matter the argument.  That system is broken.  I might support individual students, but I will follow Rule 4 when doing so. 

  24.   I will not let fear rule me. I will support others so that they need not be afraid.

  25.   I will explore new ideas, and go outside my comfort zone, and struggle.

  26.   I will not apologize for being male, or for being female, and today I will try to be a better man, or better woman.

  27.   This week, I will attend church. Today, I will pray.

  28.   Today, I will fight.