Look the other way

Snitches get stitches

I am not here to encourage civil disobedience.  We are not the civil rights movement of the 1950s, with money and legal foundations, or with the ability to take a short sentence and start a new life elsewhere. The wrong statement, or the wrong action, can find you facing a lifetime without credit cards, banks, the ability to buy food at a store, or hold down a job.  There are professional online janitors who are paid to follow Americans and make sure their past haunts them forever.  This is deeply unamerican.  Things are worse today, and I’m not asking anyone to risk their lives.

But there are those among us who still have some of that old American blood in our veins, who will risk their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to stand against these new Biden mandates.  Some just don’t want to be told what to do.

And you don’t have to join them, and you don’t have to help them, but you better damn sure not be a snitch.

I won’t bore you with historical examples from wars and far-flung places across the globe.  You can draw your own analogies.  But throughout history, when a government overreaches, and when a government moves too far from how the people live, when it begins to attack the way of life it was founded to protect, people begin to fight back.

Some choose outright war or resistance, usually the young and those with nothing to lose.  But there are parents and grandparents, older men and women who know that they don’t have the ability to directly fight a system they are invested in.  Maybe it’s a 401(k).    Maybe it’s the abstract hope that they can ride this out and leave their property to their children.  Maybe it’s just inertia.  But the chains of this life bind them tightly.  Often it feels them that best they can do is to squeak out the occasional objection.

Well, they can do better.  It is their generational duty to encourage the youth, and to support courage where they see it.  Where someone takes a stand, the seasoned generation can be there to be proud of them, to say attaboy.  To buy a lunch, to hire someone fired for speaking out, to throw them a dollar.  Maybe, maybe not.

At the very least, they sure as hell shouldn’t be a snitch.

Throughout history everyone knew this.  The bonds of loyalty within a family and a community are strong.  Stronger than money, or at least they should be.  Stronger than our bond to President Biden.  When was the last time he gave you a hug?  When did he visit your softball game?  Your graduation?

Your friends and family, and your neighbors did all of that.  And when you learn one of them is unvaccinated, you had better not snitch.

These new vaccine mandates are going to sweep through our businesses.  And small businesses are likely next on the chopping block, because Google and major businesses will refuse to deal with small vendors who don’t agree to vaccinate their employees.  So this will touch all Americans.  And there will be systems of compliance, and certifications by businesses, and some employees will lie.  And I’m not asking any employer to lie.

But when they see something fishy, and they suspect something, there is no morally justifiable reason to be the lowest of the low— a snitch.